Meet the Team
UWCA operates as an entirely student-run organization. Our leadership comes from diverse backgrounds ranging from STEM to Social Sciences. The executive team comprises two distinct branches: external affairs, responsible for managing client engagements and our annual Unify case competition, and internal affairs, which handles the operations and logistics of daily membership activities. Below, you'll find our Fall 2023 executive board members. Hover over the images to learn more about our club's current leadership!
Executive Team

Allie Lee


Allie is a senior studying finance, international business, and Spanish. During her three years at UWCA, she has been involved in external activities including leading an aftermarket automotive parts market sizing engagement and overseeing three other engagements. In her free time, she enjoys coffee, trying new recipes, and traveling.

Preyal Garg

Managing Director — Internal

Preyal is a junior studying finance and marketing, with a data science minor. Through UWCA, she has led a market sizing engagement and worked on 3 other engagements about producing equity reports, unit economic models, and an additional market sizing project. Preyal loves playing tennis, baking, and painting.

Zane Godil

Managing Director — External

Zane is a junior studying mathematics. During his time at UWCA, Zane has led UWCA external outreach efforts to clients as well as worked on a market sizing engagement for a sports technology consortium company. In his free time, Zane enjoys playing golf, trying new restaurants, and reading.


Associate Director — Internal

Alex is a sophomore studying finance and informatics. During his time at UWCA, he has led external outreach efforts to clients and is currently serving as an analyst providing strategic insights for a major research hospital. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing basketball, and traveling.

Luke Boyer

Associate Director — Internal

Luke is a senior studying finance and information systems. During his time at UWCA, he worked on developing a unit economic model for a SaaS startup and oversaw a team creating a go-to-market strategy. In his free time, he enjoys playing pool, Scrabble, and hiking.

Surya Bollapragada

Associate Director — External

Surya is a sophomore studying information systems. During her time at UWCA, she has been an analyst strategizing for a major research hospital, and involved with two other cases related to a large retailer and a clothing conglomerate. In her free time, Surya enjoys baking, skiing, and exploring Seattle.

Kabir Maheshwari

Associate Director — External

Kabir is a sophomore studying Economics and Informatics. During his time at UWCA, he has led external outreach efforts with a variety of guest speakers from consulting and technology backgrounds, and is an analyst providing strategic solutions for a major research hospital. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and participating on the UW equestrian team.